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Issue 2(66)/2021, p. 27-38

doi: 10.37190/arc210203

Marzanna Jagiełło, Grzegorz Malkusz, Sebastian Szostek

School and kindergarten gardens as a place of education. History and contemporary design trends


    This article presents the history of school and kindergarten gardens in the context of changing educational programs and social needs in a global review that also takes into account Poland. It was based on source texts and rich literature on this issue, including its historical, didactic and socio-ecological aspects. Next, contemporary layouts of this type are presented, and then innovative architectural and spatial solutions are discussed. This was done by means of the presentation of the selected projects developed for educational facilities functionally connected with gardens, mainly schools, but also kindergartens. Some of them have already been implemented. Some still remain at the concept stage. All of them present the direction of changes in the approach to designing educational facilities for children, being a response to contemporary didactic and social challenges.

Key words: school gardens, nursery gardens, education, school architecture

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