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Issue 2(66)/2021, p. 89-98

doi: 10.37190/arc210209

Rafał Oleksik

Healthy housing environment in contemporary investments. Contribution to the research on the Mieszkaj w Mieście – Wizjonerów Estate in Krakow


    The article is devoted to the contemporary, multi-stage, Krakow-based investment Mieszkaj w Mieście – Osiedle Wizjonerów. The study mainly refers to its completed stages, Wizjonerów and Kompozytorów, however, while discussing the individual features of the investment, due to the context and the multi-stage nature of the estate, information on its other phases was also used. The first part of this article is devoted to an attempt to define the concept of a “healthy housing environment” by formulating its features in relation to the scale of the city, housing estate and apartment. In the second part, the characteristics of the investment were made based on the above-mentioned features. This fragment was prepared using available information about the estate, statistical data, spatial data, existing research on the district in which the investment is located, literature and legal acts review, as well as our own observations. After performing the characteristics, it was found that the adopted features of the “healthy housing environment” are appropriate from the point of view of future research. As a consequence, exemplary research methods that can be used to carry out a detailed analysis of the housing estate were proposed, and a preliminary evaluation of the estate in the context of the issues discussed was made.

Key words: contemporary housing estate, healthy housing environment, Mieszkaj w Mieście – Osiedle Wizjonerów

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