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Issue 2(66)/2021, p. 99-104

doi: 10.37190/arc210210

Michał Malewczyk

The usage of the openBIM idea in architectural design on the example of Blender and BlenderBIM add-on


    The aim of the article is an analysis of the method and advancement of the openBIM idea implementation, clearly defined by the buildingSMART organization. The conducted analyses are limited to the Blender program and the BlenderBIM add-on and were embedded in the context of the work of an architect and other IT solutions. The article presents four aspects of the openBIM concept implementation. The first approach relates to a process of data exchanging between different computer applications using the open IFC standard. Another two focus on the method of creating and coding the three-dimensional geometry itself, through the prism of cooperation between various entities and further editing possibilities. The last aspect deals with the extension of the openBIM concept by combining it with the open-source idea. The author bases his considerations on the existing, analyzed scientific material, as well as on his own experience in the everyday reality of a designer and a teacher.

Key words: openBIM, Blender, BlenderBIM, IFC, buildingSMART

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