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Issue 2(66)/2021, p. 113-122

doi: 10.37190/arc210212

Tomasz Konior

Distinctness of shaping form and the context of place – open landscape and urban structure


    The subject of this publication represents thoughts and reflections of an architect-practitioner, concerning the differences in shaping architecture depending on the context of the location. The subject of our considerations are buildings designed under the supervision of the author of this text, in Konior Studio. Two examples of buildings in an open landscape are presented: Gymnasium and Cultural Center in Warsaw Białołęka, located outside the urban area, on the edge of the Vistula River, and an office building that is the head office of Press Glass in Konopiska, located in a transformed, green area of a former agricultural wasteland. The next two examples concern buildings located in the urban structure: the Symphony building, which is an extension of the Academy of Music in Katowice, and the building of the State Music School Complex in Warsaw. The author analyzes distinctiveness in the designer’s way of thinking as well as distinctiveness in the solutions shaping architecture depending on the context of place. He also underlines the importance of continuity of thought from the sketch-dream which contains the main idea of the structure, until its implementation. The text is based on relevant literature, supported by in situ research done on characteristic buildings, as well as the architect’s own experiences from the designing process and building development, which served as an illustration of the theses put forth.

Key words: contemporary architecture, architectural design, site context, open landscape, urban structure

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