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Aims and scope


Scientific Journal under the patronage of
Polish National Committee of ICOMOS
Polish Academy of Sciences, Wrocław Branch

Points granted by Ministry of Education and Science: 70

“Architectus” was established in 1997 and is today the oldest peer-reviewed academic journal in Poland with a recognized publishing position, devoted entirely to architecture and urban planning. For almost a quarter of a century, “Architectus” has been documenting the latest scientific research, thanks to which the journal gained the status of a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences on various aspects of the art of building. The studies presented in “Architectus” make a significant contribution to deepening the knowledge on the broadly understood shaping of space, as well as the conservation and protection of the built environment. The quarterly journal publishes original scientific articles, announcements and book reviews in the following subject areas:

  • history of architecture and urban planning,
  • conservation and protection of architectural monuments,
  • theory of architecture and urban planning,
  • design practice and contemporary paradigms of architecture,
  • traditional and new technologies in architecture,
  • architecture and art,
  • aesthetics in architecture,
  • ethics in architecture,
  • architectural education.

“Architectus” is also willing to accept articles from scientists conducting interdisciplinary research on issues related to architecture and urban planning that are beyond the above-mentioned thematic areas. Articles showing the relationship between architecture and other fields of science are more than welcome.

The journal is published under the CC BY-NC-ND license.

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