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Issue 1(27)/2010


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Małgorzata Doroz-Turek
The architecture of the monastery of the canons regular of Saint Augustine in Górka…3
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Hanna Golasz-Szołomicka
Longitudinal tracery windows in Silesian churches from the second half of the 13th century…15
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Elżbieta Makal
The architecture of the Eastern Orthodox churches in Lower Silesia – its origin and influence on the region…23
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Agnieszka Gryglewska
Department of Architecture of Wrocław University of Technology in the former seat of Construction Crafts School and Higher School of Machine Building…31
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Bożena Grzegorczyk
The building of the Gotthelf Foundation in the context of the architectural tradition…39
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Maria Musialska
St. Anthony’s of Padua and St. Therese’s of the Child Jesus Church in Częstochowa…47
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Marcin Brzezicki
Multiplication of optical phenomena in double leaf façades…59
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Paweł Amałowicz
Modern library structure among old town buildings. Project of Jeleniogórskie Centre of Information and Regional Education of Książnica Karkonoska…65
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National Polish Student Competition for the elaboration of the concept of a sports hall organised by the company ACTIV SPORT from Poznań…73
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Cistercian Trail in Poland – European cultural route under the patronage of PKN ICOMOS…77
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Christofer Herrmann
Mittelalterliche Architektur im Preussenland. Untersuchungen zur Frage der Kunstlandshaft und -Geographie…83
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