Assistance of an expert in the participatory planning model in the area included in the revitalisation programme in view of the desired changes. Based on the example of the district of Śródka in Poznań

Bartosz Kaźmierczak



This article presents the method of resolving conflicts arising around projects implemented in the area included in the revitalisation programme. The author presents the subject of social participation in the Central European context, in which the low level of social trust and the difficulty in making joint decisions in the spirit of consensus are characteristic. The aim of this article is to try to define the role of experts in the participatory planning model. The described case study allows for the assumption that in the search for the desired changes in the area covered by the revitalization program, the participation of not only stakeholders but also experts should be taken into account. Thanks to this approach, it becomes possible to articulate – often contradictory needs, which in turn increases the chances for the implementation of postulates submitted by stakeholders. Real social participation in the decision-making process regarding changes related to revitalization is possible thanks to the involvement of experts who are, in a way, “shop stewards” who guarantee not only an appropriate level of debate but also help to objectify the developed postulates.

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