Bastion fortifications in Wi膮z贸w and 呕贸rawina as an example of less known Silesian implementations by Hans Schneider von Lindau

Rafa艂 艢ledzik-Kami艅ski



The article is devoted to early modern fortification builder Hans Schneider von Lindau. The aim of the work was to present a professional career of this fortification builder and his bastion fortifications thanks to the studies of source literature as well as archival iconographic and cartographic materials. The fortifications in two smaller centers, i.e. Wi膮z贸w and 呕贸rawina, were researched. In 呕贸rawina, it was possible to determine the hitherto uncertain authorship and to pinpoint the construction time of fortifications, namely for the years 1597鈥1602. In general, the author of the article claims that the fortifications designed by Hans Schneider von Lindau in smaller centers were as modern as the bastion fortifications he erected in larger towns.

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