Beach bars in Wrocław. Space evaluation

Dariusz Dziubiński



Since 2016 several beach bars have been opened in Wrocław. Most of them were located by the river. The study was inspired by their spatial (and also business) model which relies on creating places of great attractiveness and bases on associations contained in the name itself. The research strived at learning and evaluating the ways of bringing the space to life, attracting and encouraging people to spend their time there, and thus at understanding how these places work as a space. The starting point for this observation and research was the assumption that beach bars are a type of space similar to urban public spaces. On the one hand, it makes it possible to see whether they can play such a role, while on the other it allows to treat them as a mirror which can reveal what urban public spaces are unable to provide. The adopted method consisted of a continuous observation. The long-standing practice in designing and implementing projects by the American non-profit organization “Project for Public Spaces” provided the main reference point for this study. According to this approach, the evaluation referred to four parameter groups: access and connections, comfort and image, function and action, and social value. Beach bars are spaces offering varied forms of leisure, they provide a diverse, rich offer and give an opportunity to enjoy various types of activities. They also give users a great freedom of behavior.

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