Castle in Chudów until the end of the 16th century – development and transformation of a private Upper Silesian seat in the light of current research

Przemysław Nocuń



The article presents the main results of research of the noble’s seat in Chudów near Gliwice (Upper Silesia), that was conducted since 2001 (mainly in connection with the partial reconstruction of the early-modern castle and the adaptation of its tower for museum purposes). Archival queries, architectural observations, and – in particular – archaeological works, carried out in parallel, have resulted with the discovery of remains of – preceding the stone and brick castle – previously unknown 15th-century seat of the Chudowski family (formally placed in the horizon of late mediaeval residences of motte type). The text presents conclusions about its plan, structure and bases for chronology of construction, functioning and destruction of this object. The article also discusses the results of research in the topic of the origins of the stone and brick castle, associated with the activities of Jan Gierałtowski. It presents earlier concepts of the plan and chronology of it and verifies them basing on the results of recent archaeological works. A detailed analysis was also made of the castle tower, whose state of preservation made it possible to determine its original form (from the time when it was built around the middle of the 16th century) and its function. The data presented in the text allowed showing the development of the private residence in Chudów from its origins in the mid-15th century – when it functioned as a wooden tower surrounded by a palisade – until the end of the 16th century – when the early-modern castle (surrounded by a moat) was completed composed of a stone and brick tower and three buildings constructed around a small central courtyard.

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