Contemporary architecture in the city culture creation – the case of Linz

Barbara Widera



At the beginning of the 21st century the city culture is based on a subtle balance of complex, overlapping relations. The nostalgic values, connected with respect for traditions and historical heritage, do not preclude active development and the newest technologies. Modern societies appreciate the rapid transfer of information and recognize the value of knowledge. Contemporary media facilitate access to art and culture. The complex system of relations architecture. Virtual reality pervades the real architecture in more and more projects. Especially modern structures dedicated to art and culture promotion are often meant to revitalize urban fabric fragments and even entire cities. Their authors try to attract and inspire the viewer. They use innovative solutions, contrast, surprise and sometimes provocation. The atmosphere is constantly developed inside the building. Architecture has been a source of aesthetic, intellectual, and emotional experience. It is in dialogue with the user. Both material and immaterial aspects merge, creating the culture of the city.

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