Cultural aspects of sauna and SPA architecture in the city – examples of design and execution

Tomasz Bradecki, Barbara Uherek-Bradecka



The issues of modern sauna facilities and SPA are presented. The article deals with contemporary directions according to which such spaces are realized; moreover, a comparative analysis was carried out by checking whether and how the modern hot springs, baths or saunas resemble their equivalents known from history. There is also a discussion of ways in which such facilities impinged upon the culture of the city in the past and now. The scale and functional program of the modern SPA recreational complexes enable us to make a hypothesis that apart from their recreational function these facilities may also shape a lifestyle or even the culture of the city. As an example of the modern trends in this domain, the authors present their own project of a thematic saunas complex at the Wroclaw Aqua Park. The current state of knowledge on this issue was presented along with a role that this type of facilities may have in the formation of the culture of the city.

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