Design priorities on the example of the modernization of Abram Gurewicz Health Resort in Otwock

Krzysztof Mycielski, Tomasz Trzupek



The purpose of the paper is to present Abram Gurewicz Health Resort in Otwock as a non-typical but also unique example of the Nadświdrzańska architecture. The next aim is to reevaluate the concept of decoration as the constitutive factor of the Nadświdrzańska architecture, using Monestiroli’s theories regarding ornament and decoration. A comparative analysis of the Gurewicz building against the background of other buildings of the Nadświdrzańska architecture shows that the discussed building is a specific version of a characteristic composition of forms. Another goal is to show the processes behind the reconstruction of the Health Resort in the context of the situation of that object in 2015 in order to finally carry out design priorities behind the modernization based on the preservation of three identities: function, form and material.

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