Ecological unit of single houses in Będzin

Mateusz Dworak



The ecological buildings complex is located in Będzin, on the estate of Małobądzka, between Jesionowa and Lipowa streets. The buildings complex consists of semi-detached and free-standing units. The buildings are adapted for disabled people who move around in a wheelchair. The proposed buildings in a belt system on the east–west axis are shaped in such a way as to make full use of solar energy. The buildings are set, so that the residence rooms have a southern exposure.     Blocks of designed houses are composed of several volumes connected by glass segments which enable communication. The main component is the core of a two-storey residential building with the attic referring to the archetype of a detached house.      In accordance with the requirements of energy-saving construction, large windows and a three-storey winter garden to the south have been designed. The northern elevation is characterized only by necessary openings. A buffer system of rooms is used and the location of residence spaces from the south is achieved.     The high ecological and energy saving value is achieved by a simple form of building block and by the elimination of thermal bridges. Important components of green building have been applied: heat pump systems with solar collectors, heat recovery ventilation and rainwater collection.

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