Evaluation of architectural heritage and the workmanship of the architect

Piotr Molski



Dealing with architectural monuments is closely related to the evolution of civilization and socio-economic determinants exceeding far beyond the criteria of conservation. Transformations of the last half-century requires adjustments in the system of protection of monuments in Poland, taking into account the protection of their cultural values in the process of adaptation to modern usage.     These two goals are difficult to reconcile. This is illustrated for example by architectural concepts – such as the new development of the Citadel of the Modlin Fortress or the Kłodzko Fortress. The basis for the optimization of projects for the development of historical objects and complexes is the method of their evaluation. Such a method allows to differentiate the attributes of value in relation to their material carriers, and as a result, the protection regimes and permissible modernization transformations of objects and their structural elements. The content of the article summarizes the attempts to develop a model for valuing architectural monuments integrated with the design practice.

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