Factors forming public spaces

Jacek Wiszniowski



By definition, public spaces meet the needs of society. Any transformations within them often result in a reduction of their primary role and importance. What is more, the degradation of their most important functions goes hand in hand with the social disintegration. The transformations are caused by several factors, which, when diagnosed well, will help to find appropriate solutions adapting the properties of public space to the current social conditions. Places designed for integrational purposes should be considered in two terms: social and material. In community terms, these places act as the main spaces for communication. Therefore, what must be considered in the material terms are, in particular, those physical properties which are friendly to the social interaction.     The paper discusses the main problems posing today a threat to the primary function of public spaces. They include: inadequate location, privatization and building on the public land, the pressure of functions other than social ones, lack of spatial policy which takes into account the social needs as well as the weakness of local and supra-local communities.

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