Looking at the River – Wrocław’s waterfront

Bartosz Adamiczka



The presented project and its established solutions may constitute a pretext for a broader discussion on the role of the river in the city – in the past, nowadays and in the future. The article presents the main aims of the project. The purpose of the design is to create a concept of urban planning strategy that would enable the highest possible degree of interaction between the city and the river. This goal could be achieved, among others, by the components of the designed structure. The paper presents the concept of an urban network which consists of facilities having complementary functions with respect to each other, as well as a detailed design of one such facility, starting from placing it within the city’s structure and concluding with the description of architectural detail. The entire strategy is supposed to work analogously to a cardiovascular system: the main arteries in this case being the systems of water routes. The remaining transportation systems are to be treated as supplementary – allowing to get to the network hubs, where the journey could be continued by means of water transportation. Designed buildings are to play the role of “clips” between the city and river. Moreover, they might be treated as a sort of power plants, based on renewable energy sources. They are designed to supply electric vehicles – bicycles, boats and cars. For this purpose buildings were equipped with numerous ecological solutions – both architectural and installation.

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