Mining of non-ferrous metal ores in the valley of the Bystrzyca river in relation to Grodno Castle

Tomasz Stolarczyk, Maciej Madziarz



The article discusses the issues of mining works from the Middle Ages and early modern period (until 1618), carried out in the region of the Bystrzyca river valley, in the vicinity of Grodno castle (the area located on the border of three meso-regions: the Sowie Mountains and the Wałbrzyskie Mountains and Foothills). The chronology of local mining probably dates back to the Middle Ages; however, the best documented reports refer to mining works carried out in the 16th century. They were undertaken both in the territory of the Grodno castle fiefdom – mainly in Dziećmorowice – and in the neighboring villages: Schlesierthal, Modliszów, Lubachów and Bystrzyca Górna. The remains of former mining works have been the subject of mining archeology research for years. A significant part of them was entered in the register of sites included in the Archaeological Picture of Poland program. The authors of the article presented the most important historical mining excavations in the given area and documentation related to the individual sites.

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