Roundel bastion fortifications of Grodno Castle in Zagórze Śląskie

Marek Bogdała, Anna Chodkowska



The article presents the roundel bastion fortifications of Grodno Castle in Zagórze Śląskie in detail. It also describes subsequent stages of their extensions, including the previously unknown phase of fortifications of the outer bailey (the so-called middle castle), dated to around 1500, when a fence with two cylindrical towers, the first gatehouse, and a stable building were built. The largest transformations were connected with the construction activity of the von Logau family, which in 1547 came into possession of the castle and made its renaissance reconstruction as well as its extension by the lower part of the outer bailey. Other significant changes took place in the 19th century when the castle was saved from complete demolition and adapted for visiting by tourists. These actions influenced, inter alia, the appearance of its fortifications and surroundings.      The text presents the stages of the roundel bastion perimeter construction. There are also references to the traces of its non-existent elements. Building material such as brick formats and the type of mortar were observed. In the course of analyses, technologies of terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry were used, which made it possible to develop virtual models of the researched objects. On the basis of the data obtained from laser aerialscanning, a visualization of the terrain model around the castle was developed. Thanks to digital models, information, which was hardly legible during architectural research using traditional methods, was obtained. The authors express the need for further studies, in particular archaeological ones, which would allow discovering these relics of the castle which are still hidden.

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