Rudnica palace – history, architecture, decoration

Michał Pszczółkowski



The following paper discusses the history of the palace complex in Rudnica (Ząbkowice county, Silesia, Poland), particularly the reconstruction of the building as well as identification of the most valuable remains of the palace. Rudnica palace was built as a Renaissance mansion. Subsequently, it was extended and rebuilt in Baroque, and finally, in the 19th century, it was provided with the look typical of Classicism period. Unfortunately, at the moment, it is severely destroyed. What is the most precious is the collection of Renaissance sgrafittoes which were revealed under the layer of plaster. The above mentioned collection is one of the oldest in Silesia. It consists of a set of figures, which is extremely rare in this region. Their artistic level as well as the iconographic program (e.g. grotesque ornaments) is immensely interesting and does not indicate any analogies in the area. It is stated in the paper that the most valuable portions of the sgraffitoes should be transferred and exposed in more appropriate conditions, i.e. in a museum.

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