Sources of inspiration in designing ecological buildings. If not Pinterest than what?

Katarzyna Zielonko-Jung, Ziemowit Belter



Efficiency of ecological measures for sustainable architecture depends greatly upon the moment in which it is defined as essential, and how early it can be applied during the design concept stage. The following article refers to inspiration, the initial stage of the design and means to combine it with substantial knowledge regarding ecological architecture. Means, such as computer programs were taken into consideration. Authors conclude that a visible void of viable tools in such regard is observable, which might lead to limited popularity of sustainable architecture in general.     The article is mainly intended to evaluate the characteristic for a tool that could match the profile of ecological inspiration enhancer, and would be able to function in the reality of a complex architecture market. An assessment of two internet platforms was conducted for this purpose, namely Pinterest and Palette 2030. Pinterest, although not dedicated only to architects, found its way to the architects tool box thanks to its popularity among clients. Palette 2030, on the other hand, is a professional internet database that allows architects to access ecological knowledge at the early stage of the design process. Conclusions combine specific characteristics of both platforms in a way that would allow to estimate, if any potential solution for a tool with which to encourage smart, ecological solutions is possible.

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