St Mary’s church in Nowy Kościół (Neukirch) in relation to sacral architecture from the 1st half of 13th century

Grzegorz Biczak, Mateusz Rabiega, Paweł Rębisz



The subject of the article is St Mary’s church in Nowy Kościół (Neukirch, Lower Silesian Voivodeship). The text presents the recent state of the building with comparison to earlier surveys, including rediscovered iconographic material from the years of 1935–1937, which was inaccessible to the post-war researchers. This material gave much new information about the appearance of the church and allowed to reconsider previous research findings as well as conduct a broader than ever analysis of the context that attempted to connect the architecture of the building with the centres of late Romanesque architecture acting at that time. The conclusions of these analyses have been presented in the article. The preserved architectural detail was also inventoried and compared to the state of preservation presented in the pre-war photographs. An inquiry into the available written sources and historiography about circumstances of establishing the church allowed specifing the time of the church construction.

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