Templum Hierosolymitanum – sacred architecture and the Solomon order

Mateusz Michalski



The purpose of the work is to indicate the impact of the Jerusalem festival on European architecture, in particular Polish. The paper attempts to analyze the pattern of the Jerusalem Temple architecture. Two threads dominate the work. The first are columns before entering the temple, their symbolism and metaphorical implementations in synagogue architecture since ancient times and in Christian sacral architecture mainly of the modern period. The second is the issue of the Solomon order, its principles of development in modern architectural treaties, and practical application in sacral architecture. The reception of forms of the Solomon order based on the commentary to the Vision of Ezekiel by Β  llalpando and Prado and the work of Juan Ricci was attempted in order to present on the example of modern forms of architecture primarily Polish at the same time showing how different ideas were adopted when defining the order of the Jerusalem Temple.

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