The Seherr-Thoss palace in Szymanów (Simsdorf). An unknown Silesian creation of Schinkel?

Alicja Marynowska



The aim of the article is to interpret the architecture of the Seherr-Thoss palace in Szymanów (Świdnica powiat – a Polish administrative unit). The uniqueness of the building is caused by the combination of three stylistic and composition elements originating from diverse sources, such as A. Palladio (neo-Palladian style), J.-N.-L. Durand (“new architecture”) and K.F. Schinkel (his villa architecture). A small number of archives makes it impossible to properly date the palace or to determine its designer. The conducted research indicates the 1820s as probable time of its erection and the architect Ludwig Persius – Schinkel’s student – as the probable author of the project.

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