Vegetated kinetic façade - monographic review

Cansu Iraz Seyrek Şık



Vertical green façades and kinetic façades are environmentally friendly and energy efficient construction technologies that have gained popularity in recent years. Vegetated kinetic façades are a relatively new façade concept that can combine the positive features of these two systems while the research on them is limited. The aim of this study is to identify the new opportunities and the most promising concepts of vegetated kinetic façades in terms of environmental sustainability and user comfort. In this article, technologies and design trends developed in the last decade are examined for vertical green façade systems and kinetic façades through literature review followed by the comparative analysis. Based on the results of the comparative analysis of vertical green façades and kinetic façades, the author will discuss potential risks and disadvantages of vegetated kinetic façade concepts. The conclusions go beyond the main benefits of vegetated kinetic façades such as energy efficiency, daylight control and outdoor air quality improvement, to present additional potential advantages such as energy generation, rainwater collection and carbon sequestration.

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