Virtual reconstruction of the medieval castle in Prudnik

Anna Chodkowska, Małgorzata Chorowska



The purpose of the article was to show the source and research basics, upon which the virtual reconstruction of Prudnik’s castle, from the turn of Middle Ages and early modern age, was based. The design can be used as a base for a model, which presents the full scope of the castle’s buildings, from which only the tower still exists. To restore the architectural, spatial form, the authors used primarily the oldest, known iconographic source – Friedrich Bernhard Wernher’s drawing, showing the castle from the north-eastern side. Restoration of the image was also possible due to excavation research, which took place on the site of the no longer existing buildings. In addition, the preserved tower helped to estimate the vertical dimension of the object. The history and location of the castle in Prudnik was also covered in the article.

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