Review procedure

By submitting a paper, the authors consent to the review process. The reviewing procedures are in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Science and COPE. All submitted papers are first evaluated by the Editorial Board, and then by two independent reviewers (not from the research unit affiliated by the author of the article). The principle of double-blind review applies. The author is informed about the result of the review. Reviews are not published. The final decision regarding the acceptance of the article for publication is made by the Editor-in-chief (and the subject editor).

Dear Reviewers,

The editors of the magazine, wishing to improve the publishing work, requests all of you to read the following explanations and guidelines:

  1. The double-blind review process is applied in the review process.
  2. The names of the Reviewers are not disclosed to individual authors or third parties, but they are posted on the periodical’s website in a collective list of reviewers cooperating with the journal in a given year (link). Reviewers, undertaking the task of preparing an opinion, consent to the publication of their name and affiliation on the website of the periodical.
  3. The review is in writing and contains a request to accept or reject the article. The review form is provided in the attachment (below).
  4. Each of the Reviewers, by agreeing to prepare a review, undertakes to comply with the following rules:

Criteria for accepting articles for publication:

Download file: REVIEW FORM.DOC