Possibility to transform a housing complex built in industrialized technology in the context of the Local Spatial Development Plan on the example of the Władysława Łokietka Estate in Wolbrom

Rafał Oleksik



The aim of the article is to present a research tool, and then, based on it, to analyze the local plan in terms of transformations of a selected housing estate erected in prefabricated technology from the 2nd half of the 20th century. To create the tool, three plans were selected for cities of similar size with housing estates built in industrialized technology. It was important that they had not yet been significantly transformed. Władysława Łokietka housing estate in Wolbrom, where the Local Spatial Development Plan for the Town and Commune of Wolbrom is in force, was selected for a detailed analysis. The existing layout is neglected, however, with the potential resulting from the large number of open areas. The conclusions from the analysis allowed us to outline a vision of possible changes in the estate. Some of the provisions of the plan were criticized due to the risk of deterioration of the quality of the housing environment. The article also presents contemporary trends in the transformation of housing estates in France and Germany due to the extensive experience of these countries in this aspect. As indicated by the analysis in terms of local development plans, similarrevitalization actions could also take place in Poland.

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