The old brewery of Oliwa Cistercians

Aleksander Piwek



The facade of the former Cistercian church is linked with a wall which goes from the south. The wall contains niches and an entrance that manifest the former brewery and its décor. Research made by the author revealed that the building has been remodeled. In the first phase (13th c.–early 14th c.), the interior had a sequence of pillars in two rows. Later, in phase 2 (the thirteen sixties–3rd quarter of 14th c.) the south staircase of the facade was incorporated to the building. In phase 3 (1577), the interior was divided by brick walls to form smaller rooms. Another division of the interior took place in phase 4 (1824). On the ground floor, the central part comprised a big hall with a staircase. To the west and east of the hall, an inner corridor was formed. It enabled access to separate rooms. The lay-out of the first floor copied that of the ground floor. Phase 5 (1832–1833) included almost the entire demolition of the brewery. Only the west wall was retained. To the last, 6th phase, there belong repairs of the preserved but dilapidated parts of the wall.

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